Saturday, July 20, 2013

Whiskey, cocoa nibs, and coffee...Oh My!

Join Us Tuesday, July 30, 3PM for the release of Volume #1.

Volume #1
is the first release in our Wood Series - a series of high gravity ales aged in American spirit barrels that will really make you say "Oh My!".

Volume #1 is a Russian Imperial Stout with cocoa nibs and coffee aged for 16 months in whiskey barrels.  How Awesome is this brew? Join us in the Tasting Room and see for yourself! Volume #1 will be available in both draft and bottles. See you there!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Swap Trade Sell Spin Drink...

On Sunday, July 7, 4 Hands Brewery presents Wax Council in the Tasting Room
2PM to 5PM

The poster says “SWAP TRADE SELL SPIN DRINK AND SO ON.” And yes, it could do with a bit of clarification.

SWAP: There is a hint of “borrowing” implied with a swap but the finals terms are up to you and the 
swap-ee. “I’ve never heard [insert record you’ve never heard before here] want to swap for a week?”

TRADE: I suppose it’s quite similar to swapping. Only a trade seems much for final. “I’ll trade you my Bing Crosby Christmas album for what’s left of your Pyrus!”

SELL: Neither 4 Hands nor KDHX want to make a profit off your record collection. If you want to see your only copy of Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison’ that’s signed by the man in black himself – that’s entirely up to you. However if one of you has a copy of Pink Floyd’s “Meddle;” the lady behind the bar would like to speak with you.

SPIN: We’ll have two turntables set up for your listening pleasure and you are more than welcome to take turns playing DJ. “Hey! I know a great track that’d follow this song most excellently. Mind if I takeover for a spin?”

DRINK: It’s not called a Tasting Room for nothing. The kickoff event is a benefit for the KDHX Capital Campaign so for the entirety of Sunday $1 per beer sold goes to KDHX.

See you Sunday! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Raise Your Glass to Lady Liberty this 4th at 4 Hands!

Come spend the holiday with us!  We have great beer, great food, and a great view of the fireworks!
The Fifth Wheel will be serving up some awesome barbecue and 4 Hands beer will be flowing.  Fair St. Louis Fireworks start around 9pm, so bring a chair and get ready for some 4th of July fun 4 Hands Style.
If your celebration is destined for other locations, be sure to drop by and fill your growlers with one, or two, or three...of our bodacious beers on tap – and grab a brew for yourself – of course.
Enjoy your Independence Day!  Cheers!